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Walmart Affiliate

How To Get Started With Walmart Affiliate Program?

by Lior Amar
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Walmart Affiliate: Getting Started

What is an Affiliate Program?

The affiliate program a platform for marketers or publishers they most commonly designated for affiliates that earns a handsome amount of commission by promoting products which belong to other users.

How does it work?

The affiliates sign an agreement with the marketer, and he willingly chooses their products to promote them. The members use the affiliate link to divert traffic from their sites to other person’s website and in return earns a percentage of profits if a user buys their products using their affiliate links.

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Walmart affiliate program


Walmart affiliate program is an affiliate platform in which users sign up to their sites and use text links, banner ads or pop up ads to divert customers from any website to Walmart.

Most of the time, connections are shared on your websites, blogs or social media pages to attract customers for a renowned store like Walmart.

How are you rewarded?

If someone purchases Walmart store because of your affiliate link which you shared as a text link or banner ad, you will earn a commission based on the sale price of the product. Every time that you get a purchase using your marketing skills, you will get compensation.

You will receive commission by Walmart for every customer who purchased using your link. Your commission increases with the number of purchases. For example, for the first 50 purchases, it is fixed as 5%, and between 50 and 100 purchases it becomes 7.5 %, and it increases so on.

1. Walmart educational program

Walmart has a unique educational program that helps new users to attain full knowledge of affiliate marketing. They will properly guide you in placing text links and banner ads which is very important in affiliate marketing. Their step by step guide process is very beneficial for new customers. They also have an impressive customer service which helps affiliates to overcome new challenges in affiliate marketing.

2. Walmart’s featured products:

Walmart is considered one of the most renowned stores in the world, with millions of customers and great products in stores worldwide. If you want to work online with a beautiful store like Walmart, you will see the same fantastic products that are available in their grand stores across the globe.

They have a wide variety of products like home appliances, grocery items, and various other personal and beauty care products. Some essential products of Walmart are as under:

  • Healthcare items: 
  • include pharmaceutical medicines, gadgets related to medicine like sphygmomanometers, thermometers, weight machines. It also includes products related to dental, protein shakes.
  • Electronics: 
  • LED’s, Bluetooth speakers, mobile devices and every type of electronic gadgets you need for your house.
  • Sports Items: you are a beginner or a professional player, you can get sports equipment which can fulfil your requirement.
  • Grocery Items:
  • can order grocery items online to be delivered at your doorstep or you can book them and pick them from their store without coming out of your car.

3. Commission of Walmart’s Affiliate:

The affiliates of Walmart enjoy a different percentage of commissions which depends on types of products.

Commission ranges:

The common rage is between 1-10%. And this range is shallow as compared to other affiliate programs that offer commission in the field of 20-35%. The main reason behind this is that people referred by Walmart’s affiliate link end up buying several products and commission you will get compensated for those products as well.

High Sale Advantage:

Walmart benefits its affiliates with huge sale advantage. When someone visits the Walmart store, he buys multiple products, and a great sale mechanism helps members. Other companies help members with high commission mechanism, but their sale is low.

Also, Walmart is a highly trusted store with remarkable customer service. So, customers visit the store again and again, and affiliates enjoy a long-term benefit.

How to be a Walmart affiliate?

It’s easy to be a part of the Walmart affiliate program. It’s a few step process, and it is free of cost. Walmart guides its affiliate throughout the process. If you want to join Walmart affiliate program, you should follow these simple steps:

  1. The first step in joining the Walmart affiliate program is to open Walmart’s affiliate account at Walmart’s official website.
  2. After that, you have to visit Walmart.com, and you have to sign up for affiliate membership.
  3. You have to use some of your essential credentials while signing up like name, address, zip code, and phone number, etc.
  4. You then need to wait for the approval after finishing the sign-up process.
  5. After approval, you will be provided with different text links and banner ads as well to use them on your blog posts and websites.
Walmart Affiliate

Critical features of Walmart Affiliate Program

Let us discuss the different tools and features that the Walmart affiliate program provides us.

  1. Banners: 
  • a banner is a fantastic section with a variety of options. The flags are multi optional, and they are unique to attract your audiences. Whether you have to promote home appliances or dresses, etc. They come in multiple sizes to fit your footers and sidebars.
  1. Text Links:
  • links are as the most remarkable tool in the Walmart Affiliate Program, which helps the affiliate make most of the money. Text links work in a way that you link product URLs with it. Customers are most likely to buy the products which have your reviews. So, it would be best if you were specific about your reviews about the products.
  1. Campaigns: 
  • There is a tab called ‘top product’, which tells affiliate about trending products in Walmart stores? From the ‘top products’ category, you can get ideas about products for promotion. Campaign section tells about different seasonal campaigns like New Year Sale, Christmas Sale, and Black Friday, etc.

How much money can you earn from this fantastic program?

In any affiliate program, your efforts determine your success. You can earn more money by referring more customers to Walmart’s site.

Different Commission Rates

The commission rates differ from product to product, and they are specific for every product user buys by using your affiliate strategies. Commission rates for different products are as under:

  • You can earn up to 4 per cent commission based on the total price on clothing items.
  • You will get a flat 10 per cent commission on contact lenses.
  • You can earn a substantial 4 per cent commission on jewellery items, gifts, health care products, and any home appliances.
  • For movies and electronic items, you can earn a substantial 1 per cent commission.

The commission rate is meagre as compared to other competitors in affiliate marketing. But you will always make a lot of money with Walmart’s affiliate program. The main reason behind this is that whenever a customer goes to a highly reputed store like Walmart, he always shops for multiple products and you will ever make more profit based on the number of sold products.

How to be successful working as an affiliate in Walmart?

To be a successful affiliate, you have to make a lot of effort in the beginning. You must also possess a highly interactive audience on your website or blog posts. You must also be aware of the interests of your audience to successfully market Walmart’s products.


To wrap things up, Walmart affiliate is a really great opportunity that should be utilized in order to make more money from affiliate marketing.

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