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My Journey of How I Started Blogging for Money

by Lior Amar
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Today I decided to write a blog post describing my journey of blogging with WordPress. You will know how I started blogging as a total beginner to being able to generate income from blogging. By the end of this article, you will be able to start blogging for money using WordPress.

My journey of how I started blogging with WordPress begins in 2017. When I was first introduced to the world of blogging and digital marketing.

In the beginning, I thought to myself that I would never be one of those dudes who start a blog. Write about his experience and share useful guides. I would never have thought that I was capable of sitting down and writing a 4,000 words article to publish on my blog.

I had some prior impressions regarding blogging. Those prior impressions were barriers that block my journey to succeed in blogging. And that is why I am asking you to eliminate them from your mind. Some of the prior impression was:

  • I am not a native English speaker, so how will I be able to create great content that will engage with my audience?
  • Will I be able to write an article in English that other people would find helpful and useful?
  • What would I get from all of this effort? Is it really worth it?
  • What makes me qualify writing content for my blog and for my readers?

All of those impressions were just blocking my creative mind. Don’t get it wrong all of those thoughts were just a survival mechanism. My mind didn’t want to see me fail hard so he listed up all of those reasons why I shouldn’t go start a new blog.

But I didn’t let all of those feelings and reasons get the best of me. I truly believe that there is no limit to the human mind. And that everything I (or you) will try to accomplish is within reach. I just need to put the maximum effort and march toward my goal and never give up on my way to success.

So without farther explanation let’s start.

Let’s cover my journey of how I started blogging as a total beginner:

Why I Started Blogging?

Back in 2017, I have just started my journey to success and we’re looking for ways to earn some extra money. Probably like most of you that are reading my blog.

One of the ways to earn extra cash was through blogging. It was just like everywhere I go I heard success stories of bloggers. Those bloggers managed to replace their full-time jobs with just blogging. And they earned a pretty nice sum of money by the end of the month.

The idea of creating a website – a blog. To publish content into it and just wait for the money to roll in was fun. I was excited about making this work for me and to finally become independent.

A lot of bloggers online make pretty nice money from their blogs. They were able to monetize their traffic and generate income.

This was very tempting to start a new venture and to start blogging. I already had prior knowledge of how to build a website and maintaining it. So I thought to myself – why not? let’s do it.

To be transparent with you guys I didn’t do full research into it. At the time I didn’t really know enough about it. I had a piece of slight information about what SEO is and how to do keyword research. This wasn’t really enough to make my first venture a success.

Why You Should Start Blogging Too?

If you got to this article, to begin with, then you are interested in blogging. Or more accurately blogging for money. You probably think to yourself what will I get from blogging?

Then let me just tell you that if you are willing to dedicate enough time every day to build your blog. Grow it a little by little. Article after article. If you are going to do all that then it will be rewarding at the end.

It doesn’t matter right now how you are going to do it or how you will be able to do it. As long as you have decided to do it.

Creating an online blog is just like creating a business. You learn from experience. And if done the right way it will be rewarding.

An average blog can earn anywhere between $500-$5000 per month. If being monetized the right way, it could even be increased more.

You could monetize your blog with AdSense to display ads on your blog. And integrate CPA Marketing offers in your blog. You could build up an e-mail list along the way so you could monetize your list as well. And the list of ways to monetize your blog traffic can go on and on.

I hope that this was enough to convince you that blogging is a great way to earn money. If so continue reading this article to discover more about blogging for money using WordPress.

What was my first blog and what happened to it?

I created my first blog right after I have decided to start blogging for money. I already knew how to create a website using WordPress. So without any farther hesitation, I started my first blog.

Let me tell you how I have decided what my niche would be. I love working out. Being healthy. I usually go to the gym 4-5 times per week. So I figured it will be a nice idea to start a blog about health and fitness.

That’s how Gymaniac.org was born. This was exciting at the beginning I customized the website purchased a theme and started uploading content. I did everything.

But something was wrong. Because I didn’t do such great research I didn’t realize that I have entered into a very competitive niche. It was very hard to stand out against all of those giants’ websites out there. With the army of copywriters that are publishing at every given moment.

I just got a burnout and my motivation went down. After creating about 16 blog posts I just stopped. I decided to let the site sit there without touching it. And just moved on in life.

Every once in awhile I checked the google analytics statistics of my blog. And I got some traffic. It started slowly from 5-10 unique visitors. The peak was 200 unique visitors every day.

But still, the traffic wasn’t good enough because of the demographics. Most of the visitors were from India, Indonesia or Pakistan while I was aiming to get visitors from the U.S.

So because I was not willing to dedicate the time to do work on this blog and grow it I ended up failing. I just stop the renewal of the hosting and domain registration and said goodbye to Gymaniac. It had really great potential, but it wasn’t really my niche I guess.

But the main reason I failed, was because I didn’t do good research about my niche and competition. I didn’t do good keyword research as well. So this is my lesson for the next ventures. And I hope that it will teach you something as well.

What Were the Difficulties of Starting a Blog?

When starting a blog, you may face a lot of issues. Most of them can be handled if you face them properly as I will suggest.

Starting a blog with WordPress may be challenging for some reasons. I will list the difficulties that I have encountered on my way of starting a blog.

  1. First of all, it was very hard to rank for good keywords because I have chosen a very competitive niche.
  2. It was hard for me to create content for a topic that I don’t really care about. I do love working out but it wasn’t enough for me to produce enough content related to this subject.
  3. I found it hard to dedicate a few hours every day to work on my blog and growing it. This happened because of early burnout and lack of motivation.
  4. When I was looking for keywords to rank for and write content about. It was almost impossible to find anything worth putting the time at. And that is why researching your niche before starting the blog is such a big deal.

Another difficulty that I have encountered is the imposter syndrome. It can hurt a lot of beginners on their blogging journey to earn money. I will tell you a little about it.

Everybody is familiar with the imposter syndrome. When you are lowering your own value by claiming that you are not qualified enough to be in a certain position. For this example – writing a blog to earn money from.

Let’s say that you end up starting a blog about insurance or something like that. But you are not an insurance agent or anything like that. What you are going to do?

When you are writing content about a topic that you are not that familiar with you have two options. Writing it yourself by doing topic research or outsource it to a freelancer. Either way is a good choice.

When you let the imposter syndrome get the best of you then your way down will be a lot quicker, than you ever imagined.

How to Start a Blog for money the Right Way?

In order to start a blog for money the right way, you will need to realize that it is possible. But it is possible only if you make the right choices at the right times.

In this section, I will provide you a so-called blueprint to create a successful blog. And not just any blog, a blog that will earn you some money.

First of all, you are going to figure out what your blog niche will be. This is a critical phase and you don’t want to make the mistake that I made when starting my first blog. You could literally write about anything in the world. Just make sure to check the following things.

  1. Research the topic with free tools like Google autosuggest, Google Trends, UberSuggest or the paid tool that will do great research for you- SEMrush.
  2. Make sure that the competition is not that hard.
  3. An audience for your niche so your content would be read by someone.

After you finally picked up your niche it’s time to pick up the name for your blog. Your name is your brand. It is what represents you out there on the internet. Try picking up a name with a domain of .com.

Once you figured out your name then it is time register your domain so it would be yours. In order for your site to be live on the internet then you will also need hosting.

Setting Up Hosting (You will also get a free Domain Name and SSL Certificate)

In order to set up your hosting in a very quick and cheap way go to hostinger.com.

hosting plan

Then choose your hosting plan, you could either go with the basic or the pro plan. I personally prefer the pro plan because you get hosting for an unlimited number of websites. Unlike the basic plan that gets you only one website. And the differences in the prices aren’t that big at all.

hosting plans

After you chose your plan, it’s time to pick up your domain name. Make sure that yours is available and that it is a .com domain.

checkout page

Now after you picked up your domain name it is time to use one of hostinger.com features. One-click installation of WordPress on your website. Just head over to hosting on the dashboard.

hosting tab
Just Click On Hosting

Then click on manage right next to your domain name.

manage hosting
Click on manage

Then just scroll down until reaching this section, then click on Auto Installer:

website section
Just click on Auto Installer

Then press on WordPress

After you installed WordPress on your website it may take a few minutes to load. Your website should be online.

Customize The Website

This process really shouldn’t bother you that much at the beginning. Because you will change the look of your website a lot of times in the future.

You will need to install a theme. I would recommend the free version of Astra (add aff link) at the beginning. It has demo websites that you could import in the beginning to get you started.

Then you are going to need to install some essential plugins:

  1. Yoast SEO – This plugin helps you keep your website SEO optimized which is great for ranking in search engines.
  2. WP Forms – In order to create forms so people could sign up to newsletters, or send you a message
  3. WP Smush – makes your website faster when resizing the pictures that you upload

From now on its only personal preference regarding the look of your site. And as I already mentioned earlier, don’t waste a lot of time, in the beginning, customizing your website. You will have plenty of time.

Creating Content

Now that we finally have our website online it’s time to fill it with some useful content for our readers.

But before we get into that I would like to mention one important thing. When creating a blog and content you should realize. That it is a work that takes some time until it pays off. The reason that it takes a lot of time is because of SEO.

You see, Google and the other search engines take their time until they decide to rank you for a particular keyword.

So you will have to keep in mind that organic traffic won’t usually show up for the first 6-12 months since your blog established. That is how the search engine works. Testing your content and then ranking it by their algorithms. That is why it is important to keep your blog SEO optimized.

After we’ve put that aside it is time to create our content. First of all, we would like to start a new habit in our life. This habit would be – practice copywriting on a daily basis. This shouldn’t be a hard job. As a beginner 2 hours, a day would be perfect. Just make sure to dedicate those 2 hours only to create content.

Let’s use our tools from before to decide on a list of blog posts ideas. You can either choose free or paid tools. Those tools will help us find ideas for blog posts that have a chance to rank high in the search engines.

Make sure to target long-tail keywords (3 or more words) as well as seed keywords (1-2 words). Because the long-tail keywords are more specific. And that is why ranking for them would be easier, unlike ranking for seed keywords.

As a beginning, I would recommend coming up with 20 blog post ideas and create these content within 1 month. After the first month, just keep on creating content on a regular basis with your new habit. Posting regularly is the key. 2-3 times a week would be great.

Making Money From The Blog

Now, this is the part that you’ve been waiting for. Making money from your blog. This step should start working for you after about 8-12 months since you established the blogs. Because you start ranking for certain keywords. And you get some organic traffic.

  • Start by signing up for the Google AdSense program, by applying your website to their program. After your approval, it’s time to embed the display ads on your website. Try not to ruin your website by filling it up with a lot of ads.
  • Another way to monetize your blog is through CPA Marketing. This is a great way to monetize your traffic and generate money. Make sure to read my blog post about CPA Marketing.
  • Promote affiliate products on your blog. Go ahead and choose products from Clickbank (add aff) or ShareASale (add aff). Those products should match the niche of your website. After you chose, it’s time to write a review about it. Make sure not to promote a crappy product that wouldn’t help anyone but you. A great way to ensure its quality is by testing it first.

How I ended up starting the blog “Journey Born”?

The blog “Journey Born” was first born when I figured out that my passion is toward success and making money. It is truly one of my passion for my own reason. And I have thought to myself – why not?

I truly love helping other people, share my experience and write some guides. I also like the idea that a successful blog could turn into a nice digital asset if being built the right way.

I have done my research and this niche is also competitive, just like health and fitness. But I didn’t let that fact to bring me down this time. I have set myself a clear goal. To grow this blog, and to build a really resourceful website for anyone that shares the same vision as I do.

One thing led to another and that is where “Journey Born” established. This is still a young website but I am truly full of passion and motivation into making it work. Turning this blog into a real asset that generates nice income and also learns new stuff on my journey.


To sum this long article up, I guess that blogging isn’t for anyone. But if you are willing to dedicate the time then nothing is impossible. In fact – there is no such word as impossible. Not in my world.

I wish you good luck on your journey to success. It could be through blogging or anything else that is suggested on that blog.

If you enjoyed this content, then I would really appreciate hearing your feedback down in the comments below. Also, make sure to share this content so other people could enjoy it as well.

In order to get more updates about my journey to success, and about more money related articles. Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter.


Lior Amar

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