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how to start a woodworking business

How To Start A WoodWorking Business

by Lior Amar
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Woodworking – Starting A Business That Can Earn You Money

What is woodworking?

Woodworking is the fine art of crafting raw wood into amazing woody articles by using special tools. This is not a well-known business venture but people do make a lot of money from selling their own wood crafts.

Woodworking is an awesome skillset and it is also a profitable business to start in 2021. Many people start woodworking as a passion, and they have amazing skills to transform raw wood into some top-selling wood furniture items.

A woodworker professional knows exactly how to produce the best selling woodcraft while maintaining a profitable business in a limited time.

woodworking projects that make money

Getting into the woodworking business

If you’re a skilful woodworker, then woodworking can be a profitable business for you. But before jumping into the wood business, you are ought to follow these steps to make sure that you are following the right strategies to make your business successful.

1. Determine Starting Capital and Space:

the starting capital and space both are very important factors that must be determined before the start of your business. Always save your money by minimizing your starting capital.

A space equal to 15×15 foot would be quite sufficient for you in the beginning. And you should not waste too much money on buying advanced tools in the beginning. You should start with the basic tools and when your business will get a kickoff, then you can increase your tools.

2. Make A List of Profitable Wood Projects To Craft

Before starting your woodworking business, you must make a list of projects which you will make. Always be careful about choosing the list of projects. And always keep the interest of your consumers in mind.

Points to focus while making a list of wood projects:

You need to focus on the following points while choosing your wood projects that would soon become your items for sale.

  • Be careful while choosing your projects. Always start small and no need to go for mega projects. Small projects will surely be helpful for you initially because of the limited space and budget.
  • Always focus to minimize your costs. Work on projects that require inexpensive tools and a minimum amount of raw materials.
woodworking projects that sell well

Some of The Best Selling Wood Craft Projects That Sell Well

You can consider these small project ideas to start your woodworking business journey. Some profitable woodworking projects craft ideas are:

  • Wooden Pen Holders
  • Wine Racks
  • Wooden Candle Stands
  • Wooden Key Chains
  • Shoe Racks
  • Book Shelves
  • Wooden Cutting Boards.

3. Be cost-effective and minimize loses

You must opt for the business strategies which help you in minimizing your costs on raw materials. Always buy raw material from wholesale dealers. Wholesale dealers can provide you the best price. Try to buy raw material in bulk as it can help you cut down your costs.

You can buy materials online as well. Use discount vouchers to minimize your costs.

You can also buy materials from local vendors. Always ask for discounts and try to make business relations with them.

Another way to maximize your profits is to work on a refurbishment strategy. You can buy old used furniture items from local stores. You can refurbish them to look like a premium. This would reduce your efforts, your costs and will help you in attaining decent profit.

4. Learn How To Market Your Wood Projects or Use Professional Marketers

If you want to make your woodworking business successful and profitable, you must prepare a professional marketing strategy that will use for the promotion of your business. If you don’t have any clue about marketing then you should consider using the help of a digital marketing agency or learn the skills of how to market your business online.

One of the basic methods in order to market your woodworking business properly and start reaching out to potential customers to sell your wood projects is to:

  • Make an Instagram page to feature all of your wood crafts.
  • Start a Shopify store to promote your woodworking business.
  • Promote your top-selling woodworking items on related a Facebook page or group that you can join or create especially for promoting your job as a woodworker.
  • You can sell your best-selling wood projects on online marketplaces like eBay or Etsy, as a regular listing or as an open auction so any interested prospect could bid on your wood art.

Any woodworker can start his very own profitable woodworking business with little skills. But if you want to thrive and succeed in this diverse market, you must always be willing to enhance your skills. Learn new things, like promoting your business, crafting new projects for your customers and to always learn new techniques to master your skills to be successful in the woodworking industry.

5. Avoid the usage of Commercial Tools

Simplicity is king. No need for heavy-duty equipment at the onset of your journey to sell your wood craft. You can do the same job by simply using ordinary tools to carve your fine wood projects.

By doing so you will be able to minimize your costs and in maximizing your profits. Simple tools like handsaw and chisel would be quite enough to start your woodworking journey and to start creating woodworking projects that sells.

How to make money as a woodworker

A remarkable service that will surely aid you in doing a successful woodworking business.


For passionate woodworkers, TedsWoodworking is a great source of learning. They claim to be the largest database on the internet. According to their advertisement, TedsWoodworking had claimed itself to be the internet’s largest database consisting of 16000 woodworking projects. They have gathered remarkable wood crafting techniques with the help of woodworking professionals from all over the world. If you have a strong passion for woodworking, then TedsWoodworking would be a great and helpful service for you.

Main Features:

Main features of TedsWoodworking are:

1. Internet’s largest database

TedsWoodworking is considered to be the internet’s largest database of 16000 woodworking projects. They have devised proper plans for wood carving. It consists of almost all types of woodworking projects from small to mega.

2. Detailed Procedures

You will get detailed procedures for every project. Every project is evaluated step by step and by following the instructions, you can easily produce efficient projects. If you want to start a woodworking business, you must subscribe to TedsWoodworking to enhance your skills. Working with the help of TedsWoodworking would be fun.

3. List of raw materials and required tools

TedsWoodworking has always been focused on creating mega projects with the help of simple tools. For every project, they have a dedicated section of required raw material and a list of simple tools to make your woodworking experience simpler and personified. TedsWoodworking helps you a lot in saving your precious time and in minimization of losses and maximization of profits.

4. Amazing Schematics

TedsWoodworking believes in a 3D schematic diagram system. It shows the viewpoint from all possible angles and also provides exact measurements of each part of the project in their diagrams.

How it is useful:

  • It surely brings accuracy in your projects and you become efficient as it avoids a material loss.
  • With exact measurements of every part, the ambiguity is reduced to zero and you are well aware of the results. Therefore, you are stress-free while carving your projects.
  • Diagrams that are included in projects make a clearer picture of the final product in mind. So, you carry on your woodworking journey with pinpoint focus and accuracy.

Suitable for every person

This program aims to create a woodworking catalog based on simplicity. It has woodworking projects for every competency level. Whether you are a beginner in woodworking industry who want to learn new skills with accuracy or you are a master woodworker and you want to enhance the efficiency of your projects, TedsWoodworking is for everyone. With the detailed schematic system, detailed procedures, accurate measurements, proper list of tools and raw materials your woodworking experience would be stress-free for sure.

woodworking business

Closing Words

Woodworking is a challenging task but still many people are passionate about it. Choosing woodworking as a full time or part-time business can prove to be highly beneficial. If you want to start a woodworking business, you must focus on the minimization of losses and maximization of profit strategies. And finally, subscribing to a remarkable service like TedsWoodworking can prove to be profitable in your woodworking journey.

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