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Side hustle meaning

Side Hustle Meaning: Definition and 8 Ideas That Work

by Lior Amar
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I’m pretty sure that you have heard the term “side hustle” more than a few times but didn’t know what is the meaning of a side hustle. A side hustle is a term that can also be called side job, side gig, extra job or just a job in your spare time.

In this article I’m going to explain everything there is to know about the term side hustle – how to get started and choose your perfect side hustle. In addition, I will introduce to you the art of hustling and why you should accept hustling into your mindset.

Side Hustle Meaning – Definition and Benefits

Side Hustle Definition

A side hustle is every extra income, extra cash that you get to earn in your spare time while maintaining your main income source (your job), that is why it is called a side hustle.

For example, let’s say that I work at a restaurant 5 days per week between 8:00 am to 16:00 pm, and the income from the restaurant isn’t enough to pay for my bills, save money and investing it all at the same time, I need extra income (or another job) – I need a side hustle.

If I am capable to find and maintain a steady side hustle that I could increase my earnings at the end of the month and I could finally start managing my money, pay my bills, invest the money or just buy something that I need. Now after you know about the side hustle meaning let’s move on to its benefits.

Side Hustle Benefits

Now after that, we define pretty clearly that a side hustle Is just getting extra income from the side, regardless of your main income source let’s talk about the benefits that come along with the side hustle.

  1. Side Hustle = Extra income = More Money at the end of the month.
  2. Getting a side hustle is worth getting and putting the effort because you are able to explore plenty of other business opportunities and get to look at money, income and other industries from another angle.
  3. Getting a side hustle and maintaining it is a great way to start pulling yourself together in terms of productivity, money management skills and start working hard in life for yourself and not for anyone else.
  4. The side hustle could eventually become a few side hustles, and just in an instant replace your day work with independently earned income through hustling.

 Proven Side Hustles Ideas That Will Work

Before I start listing a few popular side hustles ideas that will work for you I would like to say that there is no such thing as “Something for Nothing”.

It means that you could never expect to achieve something without giving something in return. It could be anything – your time, your attention, your skills or even your money.

After we’ve put this aside I would like to add that everything I am going to list here and also in my blog are proven things, I will never share any information that would not be practical or worthy of your time.

Side Hustles Ideas

side hustles ideas

1. Start a blog

I love this idea, blogging is one of the easiest ideas to get started with, and really pays off eventually if you do it right. Consider this quick blueprint to follow for starting a blog.

A. Figure out a niche – make sure you at least love a thing or two about that niche -> B. Figure out the name for your blog -> C. Set up your blog domain and hosting plan -> D. Write between 20-30 blog posts in the first month or two, and then keep on posting at least 3 blog posts per week. ->E. This is the most difficult part, keep your enthusiasm towards blogging up even though your content is not getting any traffic, and that is OK! You should expect no traffic at all (in terms of SEO without any other marketing channel) in the first 6-12 months. -> F. Afterwards, you can expect to start earning money through monetizing your blog posts with AdSense and other monetization options.

2. Start a food truck business

This idea is optional but is very popular so I had to suggest it in this shortlist. This one requires money to invest upfront so if you don’t intend to invest in the beginning then skip to idea number 3.

Starting a food truck business could be a really fun but hard experience. I could say from personal experience that is worth taking. In order to get started, I suggest you figure out the type of cuisine you’d like to be your style. And the location in which you will locate your food truck business.  Then you should look for the type of food truck you’d like to buy. It could be a new one, used one or you can even import one from China at a very good price. You will just need to check your state local customs law regarding importing and licensing a food truck. After you have the truck, it’s time to fill it with kitchen appliances, refrigerator, power generator (optional). In the future, I will create a blog post about my personal experience with food trucks and how to get into that business.

3. Use your car for Uber or Lyft

This side hustle idea works only if you have a car or can lend a car for particular hours of the day. If so, consider joining Uber or Lyft and start taking passengers in your spare time and earn money with this great side hustle idea.

4. Rent a spare room in Airbnb

If you live in a house that there is a spare bedroom or you happen to own a property that could suit for hosting people. If so you should consider to sign up for Airbnb and list your bedroom/property in exchange for money. Make sure to take clean and eye-catching pictures so you will get a reservation. Think about it, you could make an extra 60 bucks per day (or more) just from using your extra space.

5. Start a YouTube channel

Not a lot of people fully understand that YouTube is one of the best ways to gain passive income online. You just have to create great content (i.e tutorials channel). Make sure that your content is great and is targeting a trending niche After you meet the requirements of YouTube channel monetization then you can start monetizing your videos with ads and start earning money with YouTube ads.

6. Donate Sperm (for male)

I’m serious, donate sperm. Of course, you should consider carefully if you go to it or not. But if you made up your mind to go at it there is a pretty well-payed compensation for those who donate. You could get paid $150 or more according to your local sperm bank compensation agreement. Please mind that the application phase is quiet strict and that you should be ready to get examined and there will be a chance that you will not get accepted.

7. Get rid of old stuff

This method is the best, think of all the spare, old, without use items that you, your family and friends own. I bet you happen to be aware of a ton of them. It could be anything – old clothes, furniture, kitchen appliance, electronics or even antique. This side hustle idea could be applied in different ways. You could open any eBay seller account and sell your old things over there, or use craigslist. Or if you prefer the old fashion way – garage sell (that is still working)

8. Sell old and not used smartphones

You must have switched your smartphone more times than you can remember. If so then consider selling your old and not used smartphones on Gazelle. This website allows you to do something with your not so used phones and give you money in exchange for them.

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The Art of Hustling

What exactly is hustling? If I already mentioned above that the meaning of a side hustle is just getting extra cash from a side work that is being done in your spare time from your own initiative. Then hustling is the art of thinking about those side hustles, coming up with new ones and identifying a potential one from your imagination, six senses or just from reverse engineering a successful enterprise.

When I say hustling I actually mean of some sort of perspective, way of thinking – mindset. I use to call this mindset also in another name – The making money mindset. That no matter where you at in life, or what are you doing or witnessing, you are able to imagine all the steps required in order to come up with another hustle/opportunity. And the skill to translate or transmute anything that your six sense-mindset gives you into some sort of monetary equivalent.

For example, let’s consider that I walk down to the local market and it is the beginning of the summer, pretty hot outside, my throat is dry and I need to rehydrate myself.

A hustler, with making money mindset could consider that in the market like in my local town, most of the merchandise that the merchants are selling are just fruits, vegetables, sweets, etc. There is no place to buy a cold drink.

So you could consider starting a booth selling squeezed orange juice or Pomegranates juice which is very healthy and refreshing in the hot summer days.

The start-up cost of something like that is pretty cheap, and so does the paperwork with the market officials to start a booth. I can see such an enterprise to be really successful and well suited for beginners.


That’s it regarding side hustle meaning, ideas, and a quick look into the making money mindset.  I want to thank you for reading my content if you found it useful please consider leaving your feedback or sharing. Also, make sure to subscribe to my e-mail list to get the latest updates on my journey and get the most successful tips for life & business.

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