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19 Legit Side Hustle Ideas That Simply Work

by Lior Amar
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If you are looking for legit side hustles ideas that work in 2020 then you are at the right place. I feel you, most of the resources online are pretty much the same. Most of the blogs or websites out there just take a bunch of not useful ways to make money and pile them up on a very long list only to make some content to their blogs.

In this article, I am going to reveal some of the best legit side hustle ideas that will work for you in the year 2020.

Some of them require your time, the other requires your dedication and persistence, some require learning new skills, using your imagination or even just a computer with internet access.

 A couple of things that are worth mentioning before we start is that there is no special magic wand, you cannot expect to earn something in exchange for nothing. like everything in life, if you do not put the time and effort into it then you will get nothing in return.

Some of the ideas that are listed below are going to require your attention and also the dedication to learn new skills.

 For example – A graphic designer must know how to design a logo, banner, etc. A graphic designer also must learn these skills in order to become fluent enough to post gigs and start selling his work, and just like every other new graphic designer that is just starting out, you too must dedicate enough time to acquiring those new skills.

side hustle ideas

So without further explanation let’s start:

Legit Side Hustles Ideas That Work!

1. Promote CPA Offers

CPA stands for COST PER ACQUISITION/ACTION, it means that you will get paid every time you send people to a certain website and they complete the CPA offer objective.  

For example- capture email addresses for some website or product.

Personally thinking I think that this is probably one of the quickest ways of earning an extra income.

Just think about it, Let’s say that you send 1,000 visitors to your CPA offer, and only 3% of the traffic actually converts and they submit their email address. The average commission of email Opt-In is probably around $3, so 3 percent out of 1000 visitors are 30 people and 30*3=$90 quick bucks, and you can even scale it, or even better, get better at the marketing phase so your conversion rate will increase and so will your income increase.

In order to get started you will need to pick a CPA Network, personally I will recommend using MaxBounty, although their application requirements are quite strict they are really trustworthy and pays off.

Another CPA network that I would recommend using is CPAlead, their application requirements are probably the easiest and you should get accepted without any problems.

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But if you can’t think that you can do any of those things then don’t worry. I would suggest writing down a list of freelance jobs. Those freelance jobs must seem reasonable for you to learn. Also, make sure that you will be putting the time and effort into learning these new skills.

I would suggest that you open fiverr.com. Fiverr is an online platform for freelancer and for buyers that are looking for a freelancer to hire.

Browse through the categories and view gigs that interest you. Then write down a list of gigs that might suit you. Let’s say I picked up copywriting.

In order to become a copywriter or a video editor any turn them into a side hustle, I must learn them. Then what I would do is go to udemy.com or skillshare.com. Both are websites that you can take online courses for a very funny price (probably $11).

Let’s open udemy.com and search for your desired skill to learn to turn into a side hustle. In my example, it is “copywriting”.

Then I would usually choose my course by reviewing these aspects first.

  • When the course was published.
  • Is the tutor keep it updated?
  • What is the review score?
  • How many people enrolled in this course?
  • What is the length of the course? (Personally I prefer that the courses would be up to 10 hours’ tops)
  • By watching the preview and if it would convince me.

After I chose my course I would usually buy it. If you would review the courses by the aspects that I have listed above, then you would probably be able to learn your desired skill properly. And even if you didn’t like the course and found it not useful, Udemy offers 30 days’ money-back guarantee which makes the purchase a lot easier.

After you finished the course then I think that you are pretty much ready to post your first gig on Fiverr. Just sign up and apply to become a freelancer and upload your first gig. Make sure to add a nice thumbnail to each gig and write a convincing description so your conversion rate would be high.

3. Take online surveys

If it sounds like a nice side hustle idea for you then make sure to sign up to iSurveyWorld.

By freely signing up to these websites you will gain access to a list of surveys that you are allowed to take every day. They would also mail you every once in a while online surveys that are profitable for you.

4. Start a blog

Starting a blog could be a great side hustle idea that would work for everyone. And yeah blogging is still at its peak in 2020 you just need to get in there. Simply act.

I would suggest writing down on a piece of paper a list of topics that you find interest in them. It could be anything in the world! There are dudes who write about sleep, or canoeing and even about watching T.V.

 Make sure to research your topic in order to see if it would be profitable to write about this topic. You could use Google Trends or Google Auto-Completion.

 Another tool that you can use is Keywords Everywhere(add aff link). This tool used to be free until not long ago. But now they charge a small fee in exchange for credits. With those credits, you gain access to keywords search volume and CPC rates or SEO difficulty to rank your content.

After you chose your topic. It’s time to choose your name and to check if it is available and then set up your hosting.

I would recommend going on hostinger.com. Personally, I am using their services because they have such great customer service and they offer the lowest rates out there in the market.

 By purchasing their premium plan of hosting you get a FREE Domain and a Free SSL certificate. Most of the other hosting companies do not offer this kind of deals. A Domain usually costs $10 and so do the SSL Certificate.

After you got yourself a name for the blog and a website online it’s time to customize it and start writing content.

Make sure to write consistently and about topics that are related to your general topic. Also, keep your website SEO optimized using the Yoast SEO free plugin.

After you have some content in the blog it’s time to monetize your traffic. There are plenty of ways to monetize a blog. I would go with AdSense, CPA Marketing and Amazon Affiliate Program for the start.

In the future, I would post more about blogging and monetizing it. If you would like to get an update when I publish this kind of content, then make sure to sign up for my newsletter.

5. Create an e-book

Find a topic, and simply write an e-book about it. It doesn’t have to be 200 pages long. It could be 10-20-30 or even more. You choose how long it would be. As long as you would contribute to your readers by giving them valuable content to read.

In order to make this side hustle idea into action and get some money from it. You simply need to write down a long, helpful, interesting e-book. And then start by uploading it to websites like kindle.

Think about it, after you put in the hard work and you just uploaded the book to the online store. Every profit that you would make would be passive. You would actually be owning a digital asset to your own name. That is working for you.

6. Create an online course

Creating an online course is a little bit similar to an e-book. It could become a pretty solid legit side hustle that would work for you.

You just need to find something that you are good at. It could be anything. I have heard of someone who made money from selling an online course that teaches people how to whistle- yes he made money from teaching people how to whistle.

I love this idea because just like the e-book, creating an online course means creating an asset. Or more accurately creating a Digital Asset.

If you think that you have an idea of something that you are good at then the next thing is to simply start working on it.

You could take a video of yourself teaching the subject or you can simply screencast your computer and do a voice-over to the video. Make sure to have a good tool when doing that I would recommend using Camtasia by TechSmith. For a relatively small fee, you’d be able to screencast your computer, do a voiceover and edit your video all on the same platform.

After you have a general idea and a tool to work with its time to plan your course. How many chapters will it have, what subjects will it cover? I would also recommend writing a general script for every video so you would have guidelines on what to cover and speak about.

After you finished the hard work. It’s time for the fun stuff. Go ahead and open tutor account in Udemy or Skillshare or both. Then upload your online course.

If you want to be updated when I would publish a more thorough guide about how to create an online course, make sure to subscribe to my newsletter.

7. Create a digital product

A digital product is an umbrella term that contains inside things like online courses and e-book. This is one of the best ways to make money online. As a side hustle idea, it could work for you if you would dedicate the time and the hard work into it.

A digital product could also be a type of diet that you know of that works great, then make a small guide in the form of pdf and sell it. It could also be an Excel spreadsheet that does a certain calculation work. It could be anything that people perceive as valuable.

8. Sell on eBay

selling on eBay is a great side hustle idea. I would recommend going through your old stuff. Ask permission from people you know (family and friends) to give you the stuff that they don’t need anymore. It could be antiques, tools, clothing or anything that you don’t need.

Sign up to your seller account on eBay and start listing your stuff and turn them into money.

9. Donate sperm (for male)

if you are men, and this may sound interesting for you then it is possible! Some men would face moral issues when hearing about it. But if you don’t mind then it could turn into a very profitable side hustle idea. Just look for the local sperm bank and apply it as a sperm donator.  You could earn up to $100 for every donation.

10. Be a part of a focus group

A focus group could be a nice side hustle idea for you if they are available to you. There are universities who study people, they ask them to participate in some sort of research in exchange for compensation. Just look for focus groups in your area and just apply to some of them.

11. Become an online tutor

if you are good at math, English, physics or any other subject and you don’t mind teaching people in your free time. Then becoming an online tutor might be a side hustle idea that would work for you.

Simply sign up to Classgap.com or to tutor.com.

Then you could start earning money from teaching people stuff online.

12. Sell on Amazon FBA

Selling on Amazon FBA is one of the greatest ventures that a hustler must take advantage of in 2020. When 50% of the online purchases in the U.S are being done on Amazon, you must jump into it.

FBA stands for Fulfillment By Amazon. It means the only job that you have is sourcing a product to Amazon’s warehouses that are located in the U.S.

 Then Amazon does the rest:

  • Amazon package your product
  • Amazon market it for you on their platform which is saving you a lot of marketing expenses.
  •  Amazon ship it on their behalf which is saving you the high cost of shipping
  •  Amazon Even handling customer service and refunds which is a headache.

In order to start selling on Amazon, you would need to open an Amazon seller account

Then you would need a tool to help you find a product to sell. This is a very critical phase. If you would make any foolish choice, it could cost you a lot of money.

I personally use Helium 10, this tool happens to works great for me. They even offer a free plan that helps you get started. But if you think about it, in order to succeed in Amazon FBA you are going to need to have good research about your product and customers. Helium 10 offers a basic plan for a relatively low amount of money that is worth getting.

Then go to Alibaba, this is where I source my products from. Those are chines suppliers and factories who supply almost everything you will want for the lowest rates out there.

Think about this particular opportunity. Leverage it. And make it work for you!

If you would like to get updated when I publish a more thorough article about Amazon FBA then make sure to subscribe to my newsletter.

13. Start a YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is one of the most popular side hustle ideas that work in 2020 out there. It could be about everything you want. Let your wildest dreams emerge and just start your new YouTube channel. It literally costs nothing to start a channel.

And it is also simple to monetize your videos and start making money from your YouTube channel. You just need to meet the YouTube monetization requirement. That are in my opinion 1000 subscribers and 3000 views hours.

You could open a channel about “How To” guides or even upload videos of yourself playing popular games.

I would post a more thorough guide about starting a YouTube Channel in the future.

14. Creating a Niche Targeted Accounts

If you happen to be an Instagram wizard, and you know a thing or two about creating an Instagram account about a certain topic.

For example, let’s say that you open an Instagram account about dogs. You need to update on a daily basis content that will interest your followers. Make sure to build a community of fans. And build up your following list.

When you feel like your community is big enough then you can become an Instagram Influencer. And start publishing sponsored posts every once in a while.

I used to buy the services of freelancers back when I used to dropship. An average 24h post + story would cost 50 bucks!

And the good thing is that people are coming to you so you would advertise their product. And if you want to find them by yourself you can try using this platform – Influencerz.com (add link).

15. Become a Social Media Manager

If you know how to use Facebook and Instagram pretty good. And you know how to create content that is useful then you should become a social media manager. It could be a pretty nice side hustle idea and even a full-time job.

I would suggest you write down a list of local businesses, restaurants out there around you. Then you should work on how you would approach your potential customers and what exactly would you offer them.

In my opinion, the proper way to offer these people your services is to simply call them and offer them your services. Always make sure to speak in a serious tone and to list the benefits of your services. If you hear hesitation, then ask them to meet for a cup of coffee at a local coffee house.

Then when you will meet you can negotiate the rates and terms. I would suggest that you simply offer them that you will expose their business in social media and that you will get them some new customers.

16. Mow the neighbors garden

This may sound like a hard side hustle idea but it could work if you just act. Mowing the garden could be a difficult job but could make you earn extra bucks on the side.

In order to make this side hustle work, then you will need to go visit your neighbor’s house and suggest to them your offer.

Your offer should be about mowing and cleaning their garden. And that you promise to be available to mow their garden whenever they contact you.

If you will successfully find at least 5 or 6 neighbor’s that would accept your offer, then you’ve got yourself a new side hustle for the following week. You could make up to $50 per garden if you are doing a good job.

17. Build online websites to local business

I love this side hustle idea because I am doing it myself. This is a legit side hustle that can make you earn pretty darn nice.

Just like being a social media manager this side hustle requires you to get out there and contact other people – business owners.

I would suggest that you write down a list of businesses that comes to your mind, you can also use the Internet or Yellow Pages. But make sure that the business owner has no website before you contact them.

In order for you to build this side hustle into a successful legit business, you need to learn a few skills.

  • Website Development (With WordPress)
  • Website Design (Using Multi-Purpose Themes and Plugins)
  • Practice on building websites.

In order to learn website development with WordPress, you are going to need to just practice. It’s pretty simple when you get used to it. And there are thousands of courses, articles, and tutorials out there to learn all of this required skill.

 I would recommend purchasing a course that will teach you everything you are going to need from Udemy.com.

After you have learned the skills from above it is time to build your own website. Every website developer should own a website. It should include your services, portfolio and how to contact you.

Simply build your website and set up your hosting with Hostinger.com. They offer the lowest hosting prices out there and also provide a free domain and SSL certificate in one package. And the great bonus is that they have a one-click installation of WordPress.

Now it is time to market yourself, make sure to contact a lot of business owners every day!

You are going to prepare yourself to hear NO from business owners. And that is OKAY! Most of them would probably reject your offer for some reason.

  • They do not know the benefits of owning a website (which you need to present to him in your offer)
  • They do not want to invest the money into building a website. (You should convince them that the amount of money invested in it is relatively low for the amount of the exposure they will get)

If you would like to get an update to when I am going to publish an article about starting a web development agency, then make sure to subscribe to my newsletter.  

18. Test Websites & Apps

This side hustle idea may seem stupid but it works great. A lot of new website owners and Apps owners would pay a lot of money so people would test their interface.

The main reason that they would pay for such a service is that they are getting direct feedback. This feedback is regarding the User-Interface (UI) and the User-Experience (UX).

If the test is being done right, then they may change a few tweaks about their application that they haven’t thought of before. That is why they are willing to pay up to $20 per application testing.

19. Become a Dog-Sitter

If you are a dog people and you happen to know of some people that have a dog then you should suggest that you would become their dog walker while they are away. Also to find new customers make sure to print an advertisement with your offer and your phone number and stick it into bulletin boards, elevators or anywhere that would be public.

If you would take $10 per dog and you will get at least 5 dogs a day, then you could easily make extra 50 bucks each day!


That’s it, for now, my readers, I hope that you have found this article helpful as I really tried only to include practical legit side hustles ideas that work.

I would like to mention that each and every one of you is capable to start even Today. So it’s time for you to take action.

 Pick 3 ideas that suit your requirements and perspective and start going at it at full speed. The secret that not everybody knows is to simply act! Those who act will eventually enjoy the benefits of their actions.

I have worked hard to create this content so please share your sincere feedback below. And also share it so other people could enjoy it as well.

 And make sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you won’t miss my new content or anything new about my journey.

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