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Make Money Woodworking: A Guide For this Side Hustle

by Lior Amar
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Woodworking for profit as a Side-Hustle

Woodworking is an art or skill of turning raw wood into useful products. It is regarded as making of several useful items from woods which may include toys, household furniture, several carpentry items and much more.

Woodworking is an excellent art for converting wood into several useful items. It requires special tools and skilful techniques and of course a lot of practice to master the skills. Some people are good at it and many people are not effective in their approach. Some people do this as their profession and they are regarded as masters of this profession.

Woodworking and Earning Money

Woodworking is surely an art. Some people do it as their passion – some would do it for profit. Many follow this art as their profession. If you believe that you have the skills to hold a chisel to carve raw wood into wonderful amazing products, this article will surely help you. You can turn your passion into a source of income for you and can earn a lot of money.

Woodwork That Sells

The wood articles are quite premium in look and many people prefer wood products for their daily use. Wood products are loved by people and if you are a skilful person, woodworking can prove to be quite profitable for you.

The features of wood articles provide and the reasons why people like furniture made from wood are:

  1. Wood products seem unique.
  2. The premium quality wood products provide and the look they offer is unmatched.
  3. Wood lasts long
  4. Wooden furniture made from good quality raw wood usually has a lifetime warranty if treated with proper care.

Wood is a symbol of class

Quality wooden articles have a premium feel and they are always admired and they are a symbol of class and always preferred over low quality plastic or iron rod products.

Woodworking can be a bitter pill to swallow

Woodworking can be expensive leisure due to the following reasons:

  1. Quality power tools are very expensive.
  2. Wood is not a cheap product.
  3. It’s not an easy skill at all.
wood projects that make money

How to make money woodworking?

Using the right set of tools and appropriate skill set, you can turn your passion for woodworking into a well-established source of income.

You may start your journey with simpler tools and by reinvesting your profit of selling your wood articles, you can buy more powerful tools that will help you create wood projects that sell well. You can follow these guidelines to make money out of your woodworking passion and start your own woodworking business.

Woodworking Projects That Sell Well

As a beginner in the woodworking business, you must keep your projects simple and you must not overburden yourself mentally or of course financially. You can work on simple ideas first to master your skills then you must move on to bigger and profitable projects.

As in the beginning, you must be having a limited set of tools, so you should start with simple projects. Some simple project ideas of crafting wood can easily be found online and I am providing some of them below:

  1. Wooden shoe racks
  2. Key chains
  3. Wooden candle stands
  4. Wooden decoration pieces

First master your skills in smaller projects then move onto the mega projects. As megaprojects are the projects that will determine the success based on earning. Try reinvesting your profits on buying more tools before working on mega projects. As megaprojects can be difficult to handle.

Learn where to sell well your wood projects

In order to succeed in the woodworking industry, you need to learn how and where you can well your wood projects. There are some better place and some that aren’t. For example, you can sell your crafts on eBay, Etsy or on Facebook. Other woodworker would prefer selling their wooden projects in their local areas, places like the flea market or other local auctions.

Selling them at local auctions

Most of the woodworkers love to sell their products at local auction as this is the easiest way to earn quick money. If you have woodworking skills, you can craft some amazing projects and sell them at a local auction store to earn some quick bucks. But this technique might not be much beneficial for you as you may not fully be rewarded for your hard work. Local auctions would buy the wood projects from you and they will sell them keeping their profits as well. They may also sell your projects under their brand names. So, by working for them, you will always remain at the back end and you might not be fully benefited from your projects.

Sell Your Wood Crafts Online (eBay, Etsy, eCommerce Store etc..)

It is highly recommended that to market and sell your projects to get your wood crafts in from of the right audience. There’s two routes that I would suggest a woodworker to go on. The first is to start their own eCommerce shop with all of their woodworking projects. The second route is to take advantage of online marketplaces like selling your wood crafts on eBay or Etsy.

So to start building your website you should contact a web development agency or just start your very own Shopify store today!

Creating your own online store to promote your wood crafts is one of the best ways to make your name and reputation in the business of woodworking and selling wood projects.

If you are selling high-quality wood arts, and your products will be sold under your trademark or brand name. Then, you will be capable of earning a handsome amount of profit from even small woodworking projects. And you get to keep most of the profit to yourself because there is no involvement of any third party.

In the beginning, it will be quite difficult to get new clients to buy your woodworking projects. So to help out, you can start by hiring affiliates and reward them with small percentages of your profit on every sale.

Also, marketing is key to success in selling you woodworking items. So you can use the help of a professional digital marketing agency to help out with the marketing and promotions on platforms like Facebook Ads, Google AdWords and a lot more.

Facebook and Instagram Pages

Another way of selling your products under your brand name is by using Facebook and Instagram pages. It’s very simple, you do not need to contact any agency.

Simply start by creating an online store on Facebook and Instagram and start selling your products there and starting generating revenue. Make sure that you must use proper sales techniques to quickly build an appropriate audience.

Making your Woodworking Projects Sell Well

To make any business successful, one must work on techniques to maximize your profits and to minimize the loss.

Profits can be maximized using:

  • Generating techniques to save time on projects as time is money.
  • Cost-effective material.
  • Powerful and good quality tools.
  • Work on projects with high market trends and demands.

Minimizing Losses:

To make your woodworking business successful, you must devise ways to minimize your potential losses. You must be effective in your productions. Loses can be minimized by:

  • Using appropriate methods of production.
  • Never waste material as remains of a project can be carved out into smaller awesome projects.
  • Spend your time on new market tactics and strategies to grow your audiences.
wood craft ideas to sell

There Is A Service To Help You Out

If you’re passionate about woodworking and you want to master your woodworking skills, you must consider TedsWoodworking. It is an amazing service that aims to help passionate woodworkers. It has the internet’s largest database of 16000 woodworking projects.

TedsWoodworking has devised proper plans of carving wood into splendid projects. It has provided proper measurements of every project and mentioned tools to carry out amazing woodworking projects.

The benefits of enrolling into this giant online database of woodworking projects are almost endless. Starting with the basic information of spending your time to craft woodwork projects that sells (instead of wasting your time to projects that won’t make you a cent).

Also, the community of woodworking money makes, and the potential skill that will help you create top-selling woodworking items. Along with well designed step-by-step process would make you a master of your own craft so you can start generating decent income as a woodworker.

Step-By-Step Process

You get details of every project you need here with step by step processes to help you out making efficient projects. Every step is very detailed and you can make projects super-fast by following these instructions. And with TedsWoodWorking, your woodworking experience would be absolute fun.

If you subscribe to TedsWoodworking, you will master your skills soon with their amazing detailed step by step instructions.

Materials and Tools List

TedsWoodworking focuses on building mega projects using simpler tools. In their projects, they have mentioned a list of all materials needed to make the project and all simple tools that you need to transform your woody projects.

By using TedsWoodworking, you will surely be able to save your precious time and reduce your waste and it will help you in minimizing losses and will save a lot of money.

Detailed Diagrams

It uses a great 3D schematic technique to show the measurement of every part to be used in your project. It will bring accuracy in your projects as it is designed by the world’s most experienced woodworkers. With proper measurements, there is no ambiguity in building and you will be stress-free and more focused on your projects.

Diagrams included in projects are from different dimensions. It clears your mind and builds a clearer picture of the project in your mind before you get started.

Well suited for beginners and masters

They have made this service very unique and useful for every competence level of woodworking. You do not need to worry if you are a beginner. They have made their service simple that even a layman can understand it. You can surely enhance your skills and become a master by using TedsWoodworking. If you believe that you are already a pro in the woodworking field, this can also be beneficial for you as it will help you make efficient projects and will help you in saving your precious time.


In light of what I wrote above, some consider the art of woodworking a hobby, the others monetize this hobby into money. You decide what to do with your talent, I hope that you would do the latter.

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