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Make Money Typing: How Typing can Generate income?

by Lior Amar
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Can Typing Actually Make You Money?

It is the universal fact that everyone wants to earn more money in life to attain financial stability. Many people want to earn easy cash nowadays and people are switching towards online earning. Online earning is very easy and it’s convenient as you are not bounded.

There are many videos on YouTube that make claims about earning thousands of dollars online without any efforts but obviously it is impossible. 

Typing online is a great job which surely can make you a handsome amount of income but for that, you must be familiar with the services you can provide if you have amazing typing skills.

make money typing

Master The Skill Of Writing and Typing

In order to make money from writing, you should be able to write resourceful articles and content that other people would find useful.

In order to master such a skill, I would recommend taking a cheap Udemy course that would teach you this important skill.

After taking this course you should be more than ready to start earning money from typing services online.

Online Typing Services you can Provide 

1. Article Writing:

Article writing is considered one of the most popular and rewarding typing jobs. And it is obviously one of the best ways of earning money. Many of us must have heard about some of our friends generating regular income from article writing. It’s definitely true. If you have good writing skills, article writing can be very rewarding for you.

How much can you earn by writing articles?

It is an important question. The answer is simple that it totally depends on your writing skills, typing speed, commitment, and dedication. If your typing speed is good and you have great writing skills, then you can easily earn more than 1500$ per month by writing articles.

Types of Article Writing Services:

There are various types of article writing services. One can choose any one or two of them according to his skill evaluation. These services may include:

  • Research Article Writing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Article Writing
  • Blog Posts Writing
  • Review Writing
  • Essay Writings

Where to sell your Articles?

The main question now which will arise in your mind would be where to sell your articles or how to provide article writing services? There are many freelancing websites where you can provide this service. You can post your gig there and can get orders by following a few basic steps. These websites include:

  1. Toptal.com
  2. Upwork.com
  3. Freelancer.com
  4. Fiverr.com
  5. Guru.com

2. Data Entry 

This is regarded as the simplest of all the typing jobs as It requires very less or no experience to get started and it is least rewarding too. If you have no experience of online typing then this service can be a good place to get started as it will help you in sharpening your skills and getting some firsthand typing experience.

Opportunities for Providing Data Entry Services

You can find various opportunities to serve as a data entry operator. You may investigate opportunities at several websites like indeed.com. You can also find various jobs online and in Facebook groups.

Be cautious:

If you want to try your luck as at data entry, beware of online scams. Often websites trap people and ask for an advance deposit to get started. This is regarded as data entry scams.

make money typing

3. Transcription:

Transcription may be defined as making a written or typed copy of spoken words. This is also a very high rewarding service but it also requires specific skills and experience. Transcription may be of two types:

  • Audio Transcription: it may include the conversion of audio to text.
  • Video Transcription: it requires the conversion of video to text.

There may be some specializations for different types of transcriptions. For example, for legal transcriptions, you must have strong knowledge, understanding, and familiarity with some of the important legal terms and conditions. In the same way, for financial transcription, you must be the sort of typist that has a certain level of understanding and knowledge of the specific terms related to the particular industry. You must also be well aware of earning reports, press conferences, analyst reports and rating reports of various sectors in the finance industry.

No Certification is Required:

No certificate is needed to be a transcriber. Only you must be aware of particular terms and conditions that depend on the type of transcription. 

Job Areas:

You can do a transcription job with more specialized typing by joining any transcription firm or office. You can find transcription jobs on several websites like indeed.com or rozee.pk. 

Once you have particular experience in transcription, you must consider taking home-based projects on freelancing sites as this skill is one of the decently paid skills on freelancing sites.

make money typing

Transcription Jobs to Consider:

·      Legal transcription

It is the transcription type which includes listening to audio or video recordings that have been produced by lawyers or other people who are related to the legal industry and then typing them into documented form. It may include some of legal and judiciary terms. So, you must be well aware of these terms. Legal transcription work is great for people who have been associated with legal work or who are well familiar with the judiciary system.

·      Medical transcription

It involves listening to audio or video recordings produced by doctors, healthcare administrators, nurses or any person affiliated with the medical field and then typing them into the documentation. Medical transcription may be provided with service to review and proofread some important medical documents. It is a rewarding job but is well suited to a person who has deep knowledge and understanding with some important medical terminologies. A medical transcriber must be familiar with the medical industry and medical technology.

·      General transcription

It may include any general type of audio or video recordings from various different sources and conversion of them in written format. The recordings may come from business leaders, poets, politicians, authors, and people related to the educational sector.

4. Translation

You can earn a decent amount of money through translation and typing. In this technological era, the internet is serving as a great source for providing job opportunities for people who are bilingual or have fluency in more than one language. 

How does it work?

Documents and recordings that are produced in one language (let’s say Arabic) have to be translated in English, Urdu, French or any other language being spoken around the world. In the United States, translation services are decently rewarded and are frequently used. Translation specialists are frequently called upon to service for translating Spanish to English or vice-versa, or most commonly for Mandarin to English or vice-versa. Demands for translation services for Arabic to English or English to Arabic are increasing in the United States.

Skills Needed:

To be a translation specialist and to earn money by translating languages, you must mark any two languages you are well familiar with. You must have fluency in more than one language with flamboyant skills.

Where to find Translation Jobs:

You can create your portfolio by practising on sample tasks and you may serve as a translator in:

·  Government agencies

Government agencies receive documents from different parts of worlds which might be in some other language and they often need skilful translators who would help them translating important documents and they pay handsome packages.

·  Multinational corporations

Marketing departments of several multinational corporations of the world rely on translators to ensure their marketing strategies and messages are accessible and are efficiently delivered to all parts of the world.

· Educational institutions

Several educational institutions are focusing to attract international students from all over the world and they may need translators to type prospectus for foreign candidates and to help them communicate with their parents who speak some other language.

You could also find plenty of translation jobs on Fiverr or Upwork.

make money typing

5. Starting Your Own Blog

Starting your very own blog could prove very beneficial in the long run. If you do the right keyword research, pick a niche with high demand and average competition you should be able to generate a decent amount of money in the future.

The money that you would generate from your blog would be mainly passive, promoting CPA Marketing offers, or other affiliate marketing offers. You could sell your own merchandise, or just make money from Google AdSense.

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Don’t Think. Just jump into it:

Don’t overthink doing typing jobs. Make money typing is easier than it ever was. It is no doubt a very rewarding career and can serve as your part-time or full time earning. You just need to evaluate your skills and just focus on one thing and get started to earn a decent amount of money.

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