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Make Money Posting Ads On Facebook

How To Make Money Posting Ads On Facebook?

by Lior Amar
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Posting Ads On Facebook Can Make You Money!

Making money online has always been a topic we all love to talk about. Online earning seems to be very convenient for all of us as it can be done anywhere where you have access to the laptop and an internet connection. In this article, I am going to teach you how to make money by posting ads on Facebook.

Facebook was introduced by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. And today it has billion of users worldwide and the number is increasing every day. We all know Facebook as a source of entertainment but by using fakebook millions of users are earning thousands of dollars monthly.  

You can earn a lot of money by posting ads on Facebook. By reading this article you will learn about the top ways of making online money by posting ads on Facebook. You can make money by running ads for your clients to help them in marketing their businesses. 

A few Tips:

You must legitimately work on Facebook as there are a lot of scams revolving around. You must be able to oversee the scams and must be professional enough to avoid them to be successful. 

Make Money Posting Ads On Facebook

How can you make money by posting ads on Facebook? 

There are several ways you can use Facebook to generate a handsome income. Most important techniques of earning money by posting ads on Facebook include:

1. Use Facebook to grow your blog traffic:

If you are a blogger, you cannot ignore the importance of Facebook. As a blogger, the most important thing you need is traffic on your blogs. You can post ads on your Facebook to help your blog gaining massive traffic.

Running Facebook ads of your blog promotion can help you to diversify your traffic sources on your blog and you can earn through your monetized blog. In this way, you can increase your affiliate incomes as well. You can post ads to be an affiliate to sell some of the top-rated digital products.

Make Money Posting Ads On Facebook


Affiliate marketing or affiliate program can be defined as the promotion of other person’s products and services through a special affiliate link. When someone purchases that product or services with the help of your affiliate link, you are rewarded with different percentages of bonuses because of your remarkable marketing strategies.

It is regarded as a passive source of income as you just have to post an eye-catch ad. Then people will engage with your ad every day and you don’t need to get directly involved.

Facebook pages are very useful in this regard. If you are an owner of a Facebook page with a great number of people engaging every day, you can share your affiliate links with your audiences and you can direct them to other person’s site. Then you earn an income if they buy the products using your affiliate links.

To be a good affiliate marketer on Facebook you must have:

  • A large number of followers on your Facebook page or group.
  • Established a high level of trust between you and your audiences. As it is very important. If your audience trust you, they would click every affiliate link you share or they would buy every product that you would recommend.
  • Willingness to only promote products and services which are according to interests of your audiences and which would prove to be beneficial for them.

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3. Sponsored Posts and Ads

Nowadays, sponsored posts are seen almost everywhere mostly on Facebook, Instagram pages and blog posts. Facebook can serve as a very good platform for displaying sponsored ads to your audiences.

How does it work?

It works in a way that let’s suppose you have one million followers for your Facebook page and a company contacts you on your page and agrees to pay for posting their ad on your page or to promote their brand or a specific product. You may post their ad on the cover of your page. For this, you earn a flat fee. You may add affiliate links to specific products as well and can earn percentages of bonuses if someone buys their products through your affiliate links

Features of sponsored posts and ads:

In sponsored posts or ads, you may be required to fulfil the following obligations to get paid:

  • You have to talk about by writing a message about the company’s products and services.
  • You have to provide reviews about the company by sharing your experiences.
  • Talk about some important points like how the specific product or service will benefit your audience.
  • Always try to give honest reviews as this will help you in building trust for your audience.
  • You must be convincing and persuasive in your approach to help yourself in getting desired results.

4. Earn by posting banner ads

Another important technique to earn by posting ads on Facebook includes making banner ads for companies and posting them on your Facebook groups or pages. For making banner ads, you may require the skills of graphic designing or you may hire a full-time graphic designer. 

It is a more beneficial way as your earning would be double. You will charge the company for making banner ads and also for promoting it.

You can earn from banner ads in the following ways:

First, you will charge the company for designing a unique banner ad using graphic design skills then you will post it on your Facebook page and earn. You can charge them:

  • Fixed Price: You can charge the company a fixed amount based on the number of days ad will be published on your page.
  • CPC (cost per click): You will be paid whenever your audience will click their ad.
  • CPM (cost per impression): You will always be paid for the total number of viewers on your ad.
Make Money Posting Ads On Facebook

5. Run ads for some of the online businesses

Traditionally, business owners were using print media, TV and radio commercials and billboards for the promotion of their businesses. It is a very expensive process and many small businesses cannot afford to advertise like that. Many business owners prefer Facebook ads for marketing their business and products and it proves to be a cost-effective technique.

If you know about creating Facebook ads for the company, and you are well aware of all the tactics involved in that, you can surely provide cost-effective marketing strategies for companies.

You can help companies by:

  • Creating targeted ads for them and conveying them to your audience or community. Always be careful about your audience’s interests.
  • Optimizing ads on your sites to engage with more people as this will help you in getting more impressions on your ads and you will earn more by cost per impression.
  • Charging them according to market rates. Try to keep your rates low in the beginning.
Make Money Posting Ads On Facebook

Master The Skills Of Facebook Ads

If you are serious about making money with posting ads on Facebook then you should consider acquiring those skills in a more common and effective way.

One of the best ways to acquire such a skill is through an online course that explains that.

In my opinion, the best option out in the market right now is through taking Kevin David Facebook Ads Course. After taking Kevin’s course my knowledge with Facebook ads has been improved significantly!

By taking his course you will get access to his premium Facebook group, that a lot of famous advertisers share secret information with each other regarding the marketing world.

You will mostly learn how to start a successful campaign, creating a copy that sells, build your own funnel and so much more useful information. And as a huge BONUS, you will learn how to create your own business of Facebook marketing agency from scratch, which will help you earn up to 5 figures a month!

Kevin David’s Facebook Ads course is the right decision for those who want to make it big, and with 14 days money-back guarantees, I don’t see a reason not to sign up today!

Now It’s Your Turn!

Go ahead and start working on your Facebook marketing skills, so you could start posting ads and make a lot of money from it in return.

Thanks for reading my content, If you found it useful then go ahead and share it with your friend!

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