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Make Money On The Internet

How To Make Money On The Internet?

by Lior Amar
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Making Money On the Internet-

Money is a necessity of life. Earning money online is not new. It started way back when blogging was at its peak. Many people benefited from internet earning by quitting their stressful jobs.

People always love to work; In a unique way as they want. Internet money can help you be your boss and will help you to work at your desired pace.

Advantages of Internet Money:

Online Earning or internet money has several advantages over traditional jobs. Few of them are as under:

  • You can carry out online earning anywhere. You can do it where you have an internet connection and a laptop. You can do it at cafes, coffee shops, at your office, or you can carry it from home as well.
  • You can work at online projects at your desired pace and will never. And also be your boss!
  • Internet earning is stress-free. You do not need to be punctual for going to an office. You can carry on your work at your desired rate, and you can do your work peacefully and earn a handsome amount of money without stressing yourself.

How to make money online through internet?

Many years ago, the internet was mainly used for knowledge and entertainment only. But now the internet has evolved to be a reliable source of income for many people. Almost 25 per cent of the population of the world is self-employed, and they are earning a lot on the internet. There are several ways one can make a handsome income through the internet. Few of them are listed below:

1. Blogging:

Blogging is known as one of the earliest online profits. Blogging can prove to be highly beneficial. Blogging works in a way that a blogger writes a blog for websites and websites monetize it by placing ads on their blogs. And they earn money from ads.

Bloggers usually focus on SEO techniques, and they always write about trending topics which are hot and most searched on google. They also promote their blogs, and their earnings are dependent on the amount of traffic they receive to their blog.

They make money on their ads through the strategy of cost per view. So, traffic is significant for bloggers.

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2. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing may is the act of redirecting customers from your website to someone else’s site to attain a commission. There are hundreds of affiliate programs that encourage affiliates in earning online money.

How is affiliate marketing done?

Affiliate marketing is easy to start. The affiliate first signs up for an affiliate program of a website or company. Suppose it is an e-commerce store. Then they will provide banner ads and links to affiliate which they share on their website to direct customers to the company’s website and earn if they purchase a product.

Different companies pay different commission rates. Walmart pays the least, that is 5 per cent of the sale price. Other websites pay up to 30 per cent commission.

Important things to be a successful affiliate:

To be a successful affiliate one must make sure the following things before starting:

  • You must have your website or blog site where you can share affiliate links.
  • You must have an audience that trusts you and believes in your recommendations as it is essential because your audience would buy product on your suggestions only if they have trust in you.
  • You must be honest in writing product recommendations and reviews because it is essential to retain the trust of your audience.

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3. Freelancing

Today freelancing is considered to be one of the most popular sources of online income. If you have any skill related to your field, you can earn thousands of dollars online.

How does it work?

If you are skilful and you can provide high-quality service, you can surely make a lot of money. The first thing is that you have to sign up on a freelancing website and then complete your profile by writing your skills and competence level. Always be honest in this section as it is imperative. Then post your requests or most commonly called gigs to attract customers. Using the right SEO techniques and proper tags is also very important.

Things to Remember while Freelancing

Freelancing is a very profitable business if you use the right strategies. Always make sure that:

  • You provide your services in the area of your competence. Never agree to take projects which you cannot complete as it will harm your rating.
  • Always work with full devotion. As your freelancing account is your lifetime earning account and you have to work hard with complete dedication to attain the trust of your customers.
  • Always maintain a good rating as it is beneficial to attract more customers. Always request your customers to rate your work after completion.

Top freelancing Platforms:

Many freelancing platforms are providing remarkable services to their customers. Few of them are:

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Guru
  • Toptal
  • iFreelance
Make Money On The Internet

4. Facebook Groups and Pages

Mark Zuckerberg developed Facebook in 2004. In the beginning, it was considered only as a source of connecting people and entertainment. But now, Facebook can be used to earn money. Facebook pages and groups can serve as a base to make handsome earning.

How to earn from Facebook Groups and Pages?

You can earn money from Facebook groups and pages in the following ways:

  • You can gain traffic for your blogs using Facebook groups and make money by monetizing your blogs.
  • You can post ads in your groups or publish them on your pages and can earn money by the strategy of cost per view.
  • You can carry your affiliate marketing strategies by sharing other people’s link in your groups to divert audience to their sites. Then you can earn money if they purchase goods or you can also get cash on several users you direct to their sites.

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5. YouTube

YouTube is a giant in the field of entertainment and amusement. But we all know that people are earning thousands of dollars from YouTube.

How to make money on YouTube?

You can make money on YouTube by following these steps:


1. Make a YouTube Channel

Create a new YouTube channel. It would be your public channel where you can post videos of your choice. Before creating your channel, make sure that:

  • You have chosen your niche. You must create videos on related topics.
  • You have chosen a unique name for your channel. Your channel name is your identification.

2. Start Making Videos

Now next step is to start making videos and post them regularly in the beginning. You must create creative content, and your content must belong to you. It must not contain any copyrighted material that may harm the growth of your channel.

3. Complete minimum YouTube requirements:

You must complete the minimum requirements as compelled by YouTube. The minimum requirement for your channel to earn money are:

  • Minimum 1000 subscriber on your channel. The subscribers must be genuine.
  • Four thousand watch hours in total on your video.

4. Monetize your channel and start earning

After completing the minimum requirements, you will give an application for monetization. Once it is approved, you can post ads on your videos to start earning. You have to link your Google AdSense account to transfer your earnings into your bank account.


To sum things up, this article is a helpful resource for those who wanted to find out about ways to make money on the internet but didn’t know how to. Please make sure to share my content if you found it useful!

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