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Journey Born and The Author

by Lior Amar
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Welcome to Journey Born! My name is Lior Amar and I am the author of this blog. This is the first post of the blog so I figured out that I would share a little bit about me, my story and everything that you should expect from reading this blog.

About The Author:

My name is Lior Amar, I am 20 years old from Israel, currently serving in the military and looking forward to finishing the remainder of my service. Like many young men of my age, I too find myself thinking a lot about my future. And to be more precise- my financial future.

Not so long ago I have exposed myself to new areas in life, that I haven’t been exposed to at all in the early days of my life. Some of the new areas include reading books (mostly non-fiction), developing websites, improving my English. I also interest in looking for some business ventures and socializing with people that share the same perspective towards life.

After exposing myself to the new areas that I mentioned above I started building myself a mindset. Anything that I would like to achieve in life is more than achievable and that there is no such word as impossible. So I removed it from my vocabulary. From coming to that realization and the fact that I know for sure that I would like my financial future. I would like to afford to live my desired lifestyle I have set myself on the track to being independent.

You need to understand that until not so long ago I thought that I had it all planned – my future – my adult life. I was so terribly wrong.

You see because I like computers and pretty good with math and programming I figured out that the right track for me was to wait until I’m done with the army. Then go on a trip to India or South America for about 6 months (this is a very common thing among Israelis). Go back to Israel and go to the university to get a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, find steady work and live my life.

The thing that I didn’t know then was that working for the “man” was not for me. I do not want to climb the corporate ladder year after year, getting my wages cut into half because of the hard taxation in Israel and become enslaved to the famous 9 to 5 like so many people I know.

 So after all that I had a clear vision of how my life would look like in the future. I am on the track to become financially independent, businessman or entrepreneur –  name it how you want because the name isn’t important. The mindset is.

My Journey So Far

Like I already mentioned, I love computers, every little thing about it especially the internet. So much information is at the tip of our fingers, think about it, this is mind-blowing. I am also passionate about learning, and I believe that a successful day is a day that you have learned something new.

My love for computers started in my childhood. I used to play video games all night long with my little brother, we started playing in the evening and the morning came very fast.

Speeding up to the 10th grade I chose one of my major to be Electricity and Electronics which included computers and programming as well, I was one of the top students in my class.

Learning Computer Skills

It was 2 years ago that I was first introduced to the world of web developing, from one of my friends in the army. So I started learning it and I absolutely loved it- HTML/CSS/JS and so much more. Then I was introduced to WordPress, digital marketing, e-commerce, SEO, Blogging and so much information (I have already mentioned that I am a learning enthusiast). 

In order to start generating some extra income from home, I started to learn all of the skills I have mentioned above and got to know each and every one of them from my own experience.

I start from starting a website about nutrition and workouts with the name Gymaniac, the moved on to the E-Commerce world and started a dropshipping website with the name Story of Jewel, I also sold items on eBay, wrote a blog, tried my luck as a freelancer on Fiverr and plenty more of business ventures.

Some of them failed hard, but not because of lack of expertise/money or anything it was because I gave up to early.

I tend to do that (not everyone is perfect and that is something that I currently work on), but on the other hand, some of them actually turned to be successful.

I would farther explain about my experiences with these business ventures in the future.

Maintaining The Day-Job

While I didn’t manage to earn good money from my laptop I kept my job at a local falafel restaurant and kept my eyes open for new business opportunities and money-making ideas, I became a hustler – and not in any bad point of view. I just love it, I am passionate about problem-solving and using my own imagination and creativity to create myself a business or extra income from the side. Don’t misunderstand me, this is not about greed or something like that, I have already mentioned that I would like to live in the future the way I want to, without being limited in any sort of obligation or shortage.

First Business Ventures

So a few business proposals came up, one of them came up while I and one of my closest friends thought about selling holiday baskets for the holidays. The holiday baskets were filled with fine chocolates, wine and were wrapped nicely.

Then we started selling them to the locals in my town.  The only marketing channel we chose to rely on was Instagram stories, we asked our friends and family to share our pictures and that’s about it, the first time was great we sold everything that we bought and made a pretty nice margin.

Then came Rosh Hashana (The New Year’s Eve for the Jewish), so we made contact with our suppliers and started working on advertising. This time was different, I and my partner didn’t agree on certain things, so we started arguing about stupid things, frustration started and the way down was pretty quick.

Even though we sold almost everything, and made some pretty decent profit as well it wasn’t worth it. Me and my partner kind of parted ways, after all of the ambition we shared about success and business life, we just couldn’t stick together, I would share more about this experience in the future and about how to choose the right business partners.

In order to not make this first post so long, I will not include other business ventures that I had with another partner, but I promise that I would share about that in the future.

Journey Born

After a lot of struggle and hard times from too many burnouts, I came up with the idea of starting a blog (for the record this is not the first time that I am writing a blog). This time I am going for it all out! There is no coming back from it.

Why I Chose The Name – Journey Born

I’m naming this blog Journey Born for me and for you my readers. The reason I name it as Journey Born is that after everything I have experienced I had come to the realization, that securing my financial freedom is my top priority.

So this blog is the symbol for the beginning of the rest of my life. Just like a baby is born into the new world, my journey towards living a successful life is born too. And yours as well if you will read my blog and be interested in reading, learning and start act towards your goals.

In this blog I am going to share with you almost everything about my own experience in the business and making money world, I am going to share new ideas and ways to earn extra income, help you improve your life, build the right mindset and to never give up!

I am so excited about this new journey that has been born. I am looking forward to seeing you active on my blog, reading my blog post, sharing your feedback.

See you around,

Lior 🙂

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