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Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners

11 Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners in 2020

by Lior Amar
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What is an Affiliate Marketing Program?

An affiliate program may be defined as:

“A marketing program in which a marketer or most commonly called as an affiliate has a little share in profit by involving himself in strategies to increase sales of other person’s products.”

An affiliate is a person who owns his audience which trusts him. He compels his audience to buy someone else’s products, or he is involved in the recommendation of services and returns share a small percentage of commission from the total sale price.

Working of Affiliate Marketing Program:

The affiliate program works in a way that affiliate searches for the products he is interested in. Then he evaluates the interests of the audience. If he believes that his audience would love to buy that product and the audience will be benefited from that particular product, he then uses the affiliate links on his websites to divert his audience to purchase that product and in return earns a commission. The sales due to his efforts are protected in a record, and he is paid after completing the particular target.

Importance of Affiliate Marketing

Nowadays, affiliate marketing is becoming common in the online earning industry. Affiliate marketing is important because it helps you in sharpening your marketing skills and helps the marketers to be more influential and personified in their marketing tactics. It is also a handsome source of income. Many successful affiliates are earning more than 100000 dollars per month due to affiliate marketing.

Parties Involved in the Affiliate Program:

As we all are now aware of the working of the affiliate program, it works with the involvement of three major parties:

1. Product creators and distributors.

2. The advertising agency.

3. The end-user.

Now let’s see how these parties are involved in carrying out successful affiliate programs.

1. Product creators and distributors.

Product creators or distributors, either in small businesses or multinational organization has a team of members who are being involved in:

  • Product Manufacturing
  • It’s Packaging
  • Its Distribution
  • Sales
  • Investors

The product creator and distributors, whether they are solo businesses or large multinational enterprises have a team of product creation, distribution and marketing as well. They are the creators of the products. They include investors who invest in project creation.

The products can be of several types. It may be a physical product like an electronic gadget or it may be a service like an online course.

2. The advertising agency.

The advertising agency is involved in tactics of the promotion of the product after creation to increase the sales. They are a group of affiliates who constantly target their audience in an influential manner to compel them in buying products of other companies. They have extraordinary tactics for convincing customers. They use eye-catchy links and banner ads to attract their audience. The advertising company or group of affiliates are involved in the promotion of other company’s products and services and appealingly convince people to use those products and services and in return, they receive tiny little commissions. They are involved in reviewing products and services. They recommend the products to their audience who trust them. The audience buys the product due to its strong recommendations.

Where do the affiliates market their product?

Affiliates own their specific audience to whom they market their products. They are very well aware of the interests of their audiences and generally market the products according to the interest of their audiences. This creates a defined trademark or a defined brand of affiliate marketing that helps the affiliate to attract customers for the benefits of the affiliates.

3. The end-user.

The importance of end-user cannot be denied in affiliate programs as they are the ones who determine the success of affiliate programs. The purchases of the end-users are the drivers of affiliate marketing. Affiliates attract customers by sharing these products on social media platforms, blogs, and websites.

How end-users are important to affiliate programs?

When end users buy and use the product, the seller and the affiliate become shareholders of the profits.

How do affiliates get paid in an affiliate program?

Affiliate programs are considered to be a major source of income for many people. It involves the tactics of marketing and marketing has always been a good and stable source of income for many people. It is a hassle-free way to make online money and sometimes websites pay affiliates money without the sale of their products. It is considered to be one of the best sources for people who want to make a handsome amount online.

As we all know that affiliates target their audiences to divert them to other sites. Every time it’s not the criteria that affiliates earn money on the sale of products and services. There are other factors as well which we will discuss shortly.

Measures of the success of the affiliates:

It is undeniable fact that affiliate programs are highly rewarding, but we are still not sure how affiliates make money. The earnings of affiliates depend on:

1. Pay per click.

The affiliate program has a primary focus on diverting audiences to other sites irrespective of other factors. In this simple program, the affiliate gets benefits by the number of persons he is diverting to other sites. The affiliate posts an ad, and whenever a user clicks it and reaches a site using his link, the affiliate gets paid. The commissions are very little in pay per click phenomenon, but it is a considerable step in determining the success of the affiliate in affiliate programs.

2. Pay per sale.

This is regarded as one of the most common strategies in the field of affiliate marketing. In simpler terms, it is the basic pay structure of affiliate marketing. The affiliate is paid a fixed or variable percentage of commission depending on the total cost of the product. The number of sales determines the success of the affiliates. In this simple phenomenon, the affiliate has to use his marketing strategies to direct customers to other person’s sites and compel him to make a purchase. Then the affiliate gets a commission that is based on the total cost of product or service. It is the major factor that determines the handsome income of the affiliates.

3. Pay per lead.

It is regarded as the most complex system in the area of affiliate marketing. In this complex phenomenon, the affiliate gets targets to divert customers on different websites to complete a lead.

The lead may be an irritating process. It may be in the form of doing something for the website. The lead may include to sign a contractual agreement, to open an account, to fill up some forms, to view some ads or it may be to give review about some frequently used products.

Once a lead is done, then the affiliate gets benefits due to his strong marketing skills. This is also another method of determining the success of affiliates in the affiliate program.

11 Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners

Now as we all know about the main idea of the affiliate programs. We will see the 11 best affiliate programs for beginners. We will focus on affiliate programs related to CPA marketing strategies and blog posts.

Affiliate programs related to CPA marketing:

1. MaxBounty

MaxBounty was established as a CPA affiliate marketing network in 2004. And now it is regarded as the most popular CPA affiliate marketing network in the world. Millions of users are using MaxBounty, and they are generating handsome income per month due to the usage of affiliate marketing strategies based on CPA. It is one of the highest paying affiliate programs. If you want to jump into the affiliate marketing field based on CPA, you can surely consider MaxBounty due to its on-time payment and high reliability. Moreover, it has thousands of satisfied customers with excellent ratings and reviews.

2. PeerFly

PeerFly is one of the fastest-growing CPA affiliate marketing programs around the globe. You can surely choose PeerFly if you want to prosper in the field of affiliate marketing based on CPA techniques and strategies. It has got a flamboyant reputation. It currently has more than 50000 satisfied affiliates who are earning a handsome amount. It has top-notch customer service to eliminate the problems faced by affiliates.


It is considered one of the most diverse affiliate-networks of the world based on CPA techniques. Peerfly has several CPA quotes options from different websites of the world. So, you can enjoy great benefits while working with a diversified platform like PeerFly.

3. Clickbooth

It is considered to be one of the high prestige affiliate-networks of the world. It is one of the oldest players in the industry. It is also very beneficial for the people who want to carry on their affiliate marketing strategies based on CPA techniques. It offers amazing benefits to its affiliates.


As it is one of the most reputable networks in the industry, you can enjoy several benefits by working with it. It has a whole list of diversified products and services. They claim to have the biggest range of websites participating in affiliate programs from all over the world. You can compare price quotes and can choose to work with a website providing luxurious benefits.

Clickbooth recently revealed in a report that it pays millions of dollars to its affiliates per annum. It is one of the favorite platforms for affiliates. You can enjoy amazing benefits from Clickbooth as a beginner in the affiliate marketing industry.

4. ClickDealer

ClickDealer is another diverse and amazing platform for CPA affiliates. It has a diverse range of options and websites in its stock and it also offers decent payouts.


They have excellent customer service, and they have ready affiliate managers who are always willing to help you in any regard. They have the option of “Direct Deposit” that helps affiliates in getting on-time payments with minimum deductions. If you are new in the affiliate marketing industry and you still are not sure about choosing a reliable affiliate program, then I would highly recommend ClickDealer due to its reliability and on-time payment schedule.

5. GlobalWide Media

GlobalWide Media is working in the affiliate industry for very long. You can enjoy several benefits by working with it as an affiliate marketer.


GWM has a whole range of unique programs of affiliate marketing. They offer several benefits to affiliates. They always pay the payment on time. You can always enjoy several benefits by working with this unique program as it has done remarkably well in the past, and we do expect that it will continue the same.

Affiliate Programs Related to Blogging

Many affiliate programs are beneficial for bloggers. The affiliate programs can help you in attaining extra income by being an affiliate.

Purpose of joining affiliate programs as a blogger

As a blogger, you must join the affiliate programs with the purpose to get financial compensation for the content you are already writing on your blog websites. Affiliate programs can serve as a major tool in generating extra revenue from your blogs regardless of the number of readers.

Top Affiliate Programs for bloggers

if you are a blogger and you also want to try your luck in affiliate marketing, then these are the programs most suitable for you:

6. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is the most suitable program for bloggers. it currently has over 11 million users worldwide and the number is increasing every day. It is a point-based survey platform which helps the user to attain benefits from top brands of the world and aid them in earning a decent income online. If you can earn 1000 Survey Junkie points, it means that you have earned $10 commission. Most of the surveys conducted by Survey Junkie take 5 to 10 minutes and each survey is equivalent to almost 100 points that means a 1-dollar commission. They also pay you 1 dollar per signup and the payment method that they use is PayPal. Survey Junkie also has amazing customer service which helps user overcoming their problems. Survey Junkie has an excellent market reputation many bloggers are making thousands of dollars through this program.

Advantages of Using:

They have special tools which they call reporting tools to aid you in tracking your campaigns

It’s free to sign up here, and they give proper manual and guide to use their service.

7. Shopify

Shopify is an online shopping store in Canada that also supports affiliate marketing programs.

They pay an amount equivalent to almost 50 dollars for referring the customers who subscribe to their platinum plan and pay up to 1990 dollars for new signup at their store. All the transactions are safe and direct deposit through PayPal. It also has amazing customer service to help affiliates. It has a very high reputation in the affiliate industry.

8. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is considered to be another excellent service in affiliate marketing. It is an e-commerce website with many customizable tools and a user-friendly interface. It also is a great affiliate program for bloggers who are involved in sending direct traffic onto their sites.

They pay handsome commissions. They almost pay 200 percent of the first transaction of the customers at their site. And you can earn up to 1000 dollars for a new sign up. The payment method is direct deposit and there is also the option of wire transfer. They also have great customer service which is there with a purpose to serve affiliates.

Advantages of using

  • They provide a free trial period for testing
  • The Highest amounts of commission as compared to their customers.
  • On-time payments and maintenance of records.


HostGator is a renowned web hosting service that is very popular in the industry. It also proved itself to be one of the most favorite affiliate marketing programs for bloggers.

For every customer you direct them from your blog, you can earn a commission of 100 dollars fixed if they use their services for hosting websites. The higher amounts of commission simply depend on the number of signups on their website as a result of your referring. For example, you will; earn $50 on each signup for 1-5 referrals. And for 6-10 signups per month, you will enjoy $75 commission per signup, and this amount increases with several signups.

Payment methods

You are paid via PayPal with no minimum limit for payout. You can also get bank wire transfer, on a check on mail.


Bluehost is another web hosting provider. For every customer you send them, you will get $65 per sign up on their page.

You will find affiliate sign up link on the bottom of their homepage.


Erin Condren is a website that is offering personalized notebooks, journals, magazines, and stationery items.

If you are a member of the Erin Condren affiliate team, you’ll earn a solid 10% commission on every sale that will take place as a result of your affiliate skills.

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